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Immigration Bond Recovery

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    When a person is arrested and detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, they are

     often allowed to post a bond to get out of custody.  The person who posts the bond is called

     an "obligor", and the person who  got arrested is called a "respondent". 

     Did you post an immigration bond for someone, and now want to get your money back?  Did

     the person you bonded miss a hearing?  Do you even know where they are living now?   Are

     you going to lose the money you posted for their bond? 


     The only way to get your bond money back is to surrender (turn in) the person at a specific

     Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office.  Generally the bonded person does not

     want to surrender, because they may have to stay in ICE custody until a new bond is posted.

     This is the step where we can be of most assistance to the obligor.  Our Colorado State

     certified Bail Enforcement Agents will locate, detain, transport, and surrender the

     respondent to ICE.  Once the respondent is back in ICE custody, you can then  request your

     money back from the government.

     There are strict time frames that have to be met in order for you to get your money back from

     the government.  If you wait, you can miss your chance and may never get your money back. 

     Ketchum Investigations is unique because we pursue bonded aliens even though we don't

     issue bonds.  Most Bail Bond companies will only pursue people who they assisted in bonding,

     because it is THEIR money at stake. We assist when it is YOUR money at stake. 

     With over 20 years of experience with ICE, we have the personal contacts and the

     understanding of the law to effectively pursue these cases.

     The Immigration and Customs Enforcement website  contains more information on bonds

     and custody conditions of arrested persons. 

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