PO Box 446, Fruita, Colorado 81521


Ketchum Investigations, LLC

Missing Persons

PO Box 446, Fruita, Colorado 81521


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     We can assist with:

  • Runaways

  • Dead-beat parents

  • Process service

  • Identity theft

  • Senior walk-aways

  • Non-custodial parent abductions

     People can be missing for many reasons. 

     They can be missing voluntarily, if they are trying to avoid child support payments, process

     service or other legal obligations.  If they are trying to avoid a criminal case, they are

     considered fugitives.  They can be run-aways, or simply trying to avoid someone.

     People may be missing and there are issues of dementia or Alzheimer's disease involved,

     where the missing person is unable to find their way home, and is disoriented and confused.

     They may not realize they are "missing" or that anyone is looking for them:

  •             Heirs                                
  •             Childhood friends
  •             Military buddies                
  •             Old flames
  •             Long lost relatives           
  •             Unknown relatives
  •             Birth parents                    
  •             Adoptive children